Tuomarit / Judges

Tuomariesittelyssä akitat arvosteleva Sheena O'Neill Clark, UK kennel Anshee
Judge introduction of Sheena O'Neill Clark from UK, kennel Anshee who is judging japanese akitas

I was born into the dog world; My Grandfather bred German shepherd dogs (Alsatians as they were known then).
My Father also bred and showed 
German shepherds so consequently my first show dog was a GSD.


I started showing Akitas in 1986 , there were not many in the country at the time but this breed has stolen my heart
for the last 30yrs. So much so that every year from 1998 to 2008 I holidayed in the USA watching and learning from
the Akita club of Americas National Speciality.   
Along the way I have shown and bred many champions in the UK and abroad, I have champions in 4 breeds,
American Akitas , Akita , Shiba and English Toy Terriers.


I started Judging the breed in in 1989 at open shows, I judge all the Utility, Toy and some working breeds,
groups and BIS,  I was passed to award CC’s in the breed in 2000 by the UK Kennel club. 


I judged the UK specialty in 2007 and I now train and assess potential future judges for the UK Kennel Club.  


I have been lucky enough to Judge my beautiful breed in some fantastic places , I have judged in Dubai, Spain,
Germany, Finland , Sweden, Ireland , Israel , Czech Republic, Russia and the  Netherlands ..
I also judged Akitas at Crufts in 2017 and I’m judging the American Akitas at Crufts  in 2018.


I worked for Ourdogs Newspaper for a number of years ,  I Own, compile and edit the Akita/ Japanese Akita Annual .
The only international Akita Magazine which was established in 2003.

I am most honoured and humbled to be asked to Judge your Speciality. I am so looking forward to meeting you all. 


Tuomariesittelyssä amerikanakitat arvosteleva Roberta Wright, UK kennel Satrebor
Judge introduction of Roberta Wright from UK, kennel Satrebor who is judging american akitas

I was thrilled to be invited over to Finland to judge your club show & am looking forward to seeing some lovely dogs.

My first breed was Dobermanns back in the early ‘70s then 10 years later I saw my first  Akita & was fascinated by
this large spitz breed & in 1985 I bought a male Sanspeur the Minstrel at Satrebor  then over the next few years added
two more bitches from the Kiskas kennels.
Kiskas Sox at Satrebor was my foundation bitch & is behind all my  Satrebor lines.

Over the years I have made up quite a few Champions both in the Uk & abroad my biggest winner to date must be 
AmCh/ Multi Ch Satrebor Steal the Moment owned by Alan & Anete Pedersen in Denmark who is a Ch Krazy son.
At  the moment I have three bitches, Ch Satrebor Krazy who is 10yrs old Satrebor Boodles her daughter 6yrs &
Ituma at Satrebor of Wettiner Ken 2 ½ yrs  my import from Germany who is a Krazy granddaughter.


I am Chairman & Show Manager of The Akita Association & also write the weekly breed notes in Dog World


I first started judged in the early 1970’s & now judge all breeds & BIS at Open shows & award CC’s in Akitas, Shar Pei,
Boston Terriers , Schipperkes , Alaskan Malamutes, Dobermanns & Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers & this year I have
been passed to judge my first Utility Group at Championship Show level.


I was honoured to judge Akitas & Japanese Akita Inu’s  at Crufts in 2013 & next year, 2018, I will be judging Dobermanns.


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